Spanish Courses In Cadiz

Cadiz is a relatively small city which is situated in the south of Spain. It is an old city that was established around 3,000 years ago by the Phoenicians. It then became a big commercial harbor in the Mediterranean. So Cadiz has a long history which makes it an ideal place to learn Spanish. Cadiz is a touristy spot which is another reason why so many people take Spanish courses in Cadiz. With the amazing weather that you get along the Mediterranean coast of Spain, Cadiz is a hot spot for people of all ages looking to learn Spanish.

If you have just finished your schooling and are looking to learn Spanish today with a holiday mixed with learning something new, then studying Spanish in Cadiz is a great option for you. The Cadiz Spanish schools are great and offer amazing facilities located near superb beaches.

Cadiz is not just about the beach lifestyle because it has such a great history and if you are into archaeology as well as history, then you will love Cadiz as it has many artifacts scattered all along the city, especially in the old town. You should check out the Plaza de Mina. This Plaza is like an archaeological museum where you will encounter two famous Phoenician stones called the Sarcophagus. Cadiz's beautiful cathedral has a tower which you can go to the top of and view the spectacular old city areas. One other feature of Cadiz with historical value is the famous Oratorio de San Felipe Neri cathedral which is designed with marble and bronze and has a great place in Spanish history as it was the place where the first Spanish Constitution was approved and written down.

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Getting back to the Spanish courses in Cadiz, you have quite a few options. The one language school that I can recommend is All About Languages. Their Spanish courses in Cadiz are second to none and they cater for all ages and learning abilities. They offer beginner courses as well more advanced courses. The classes can last up to 12 weeks so this makes it a perfect immersion school option for those looking to live in Cadiz for a bit of time. The All About Languages schools also provide accommodation for short stay students and for those doing immersion courses. The accommodations range from private apartments, home stays as well as sharing with other students. Spanish courses in Cadiz couldn't get better. With professional teachers who will dedicate their time, even after classes, to helping become fluent in Spanish.

All About Languages also offer their students outings and tours to see landmarks and other activities outside of school (cinema, bars, restaurants etc.) to help with all aspects of learning Spanish like reading, writing and of course speaking it.

Other great schools that offer Spanish courses in Cadiz include:

AmeriSpan Study Abroad
Plaza Mentidero 19, 11003, Cadiz

Enforex Spanish School
C/ Alberto Aguilera, 26, 28015, Madrid (head office)

don Quijote Spanish School
Plaza Mentidero, 19, 11003 Cadiz